Type of Holiday

Family Ski Holidays

Want to take your family to an unforgettable skiing holiday in the mountain? Can’t decide where to go as you do not know which resorts will cater best for your need? You are looking for a resort with nursery, child carers, children ski tuitions, green pistes and other children care amenities. Browse through the selection on offer. We are sure that you’ll find the resort that will sate your every wish.

Alta Badia

Min. altitude: 1152m | Max. altitude: 2778mSki slopes (km): 130km

Arabba Marmolada

Min. altitude: 1100m | Max. altitude: 3342mSki slopes (km): 62km


Min. altitude: 1100m | Max. altitude: 2292mSki slopes (km): 30km


Min. altitude: 1976m | Max. altitude: 3029mSki slopes (km): 41km


Min. altitude: 800m | Max. altitude: 2000mSki slopes (km): 170km


Min. altitude: 935m | Max. altitude: 2275mSki slopes (km): 105km

La Plagne

Min. altitude: 1250m | Max. altitude: 3250mSki slopes (km): 225km

Les Menuires

Min. altitude: 1850m | Max. altitude: 2850mSki slopes (km): 160km

Marilleva Val di Sole

Min. altitude: 814m | Max. altitude: 2180mSki slopes (km): 150km


Min. altitude: 610m | Max. altitude: 2020mSki slopes (km): 110km

Puy Saint Vincent

Min. altitude: 1400m | Max. altitude: 2750mSki slopes (km): 75km


Min. altitude: 1050m | Max. altitude: 1517mSki slopes (km): 12km

Val Cenis Vanoise

Min. altitude: 1300m | Max. altitude: 2800mSki slopes (km): 125km


Min. altitude: 1650m | Max. altitude: 2750mSki slopes (km): 180km

Bad Kleinkirchheim

Min. altitude: 1100m | Max. altitude: 2055mSki slopes (km): 103km


Min. altitude: 569m | Max. altitude: 1795mSki slopes (km): 22km


Min. altitude: 827m | Max. altitude: 2000mSki slopes (km): 111km


Min. altitude: 1641m | Max. altitude: 2200mSki slopes (km): 70km

Kranjska Gora

Min. altitude: 810m | Max. altitude: 1280mSki slopes (km): 20km

La Norma

Min. altitude: 1350m | Max. altitude: 2750mSki slopes (km): 65km

Les Arcs

Min. altitude: 1200m | Max. altitude: 3226mSki slopes (km): 200km

Les Orres

Min. altitude: 1650m | Max. altitude: 2720mSki slopes (km): 100km


Min. altitude: 1816m | Max. altitude: 2900mSki slopes (km): 115km


Min. altitude: 1860m | Max. altitude: 2700mSki slopes (km): 84km


Min. altitude: 1650m | Max. altitude: 2750mSki slopes (km): 180km


Min. altitude: 745m | Max. altitude: 2015mSki slopes (km): 167km

Val di Fassa

Min. altitude: 1200m | Max. altitude: 2950mSki slopes (km): 120km

Zell am See

Min. altitude: 757m | Max. altitude: 2000mSki slopes (km): 77km