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Bad Kleinkirchheim: an ultimate must-see in Austria
Bad Kleinkirchheim makes a perfect destination for skiers and hikers, families and large companies, who admire its skiing venues, accommodation facilities, and hiking trails.

About Bad Kleinkirchheim
Located at the altitude of more than 1,000 meters, Bad Kleinkirchheim is a real mecca for tourists in the heart of Carinthia. It has developed an impeccable reputation among the Austrians and the Europeans as a top-notch hiking center and ski area. The vicinity of Bad Kleinkirchheim is very picturesque and eye-pleasing. The landscapes are shaped by glacial emerald-green valleys and steep mountain slopes, contributing to the unforgettable panoramas of the Alps.

Bad Kleinkirchheim is a spa town with unique thermal waters and a municipality, which used to be associated with agriculture until it unveiled its ingenious tourist potential. It was in the 20th century that Bad Kleinkirchheim’s tourist infrastructure experienced rapid development. Today, it is an outstanding ski resort with numerous cable cars, ski slopes, and hotels. Thousands of tourists come to Bad Kleinkirchheim to explore the mountains, pedal along the endless biking routes, and climb the most challenging hiking trails.

Indeed, holidays in Austria will never be the same once you visit Bad Kleinkirchheim! This place is meant for a relaxing stay with your family. The local resorts offer the very finest conditions and conveniences for you to have an eventful and complete skiing day or an adventurous bike tour. Be it winter or summer, Bad Kleinkirchheim is unspeakably good all year round. This tightly packed community offers a variety of accommodation types to every liking and boasts a great many of leisure activities for parents and children.

Getting to Bad Kleinkirchheim is easy, and staying here is comfortable. Bad Kleinkirchheim has more than two dozen chalets where tourists are always welcome guests. Staying in a mountain hut can give you the most authentic experience that will exceed your wildest dreams and expectations. Besides, you can always taste the splendid regional cuisine and get acquainted with Bad Kleinkirchheim lifestyles.

Skiing is great and affordable in Bad Kleinkirchheim
There is good news for fans of skiing. Bad Kleinkirchheim proudly has 100 kilometers of ski slopes of varying level of difficulty. Many of these slopes are covered with the Nockberge forest, which looks like a fairy tale in winter. Bad Kleinkirchheim has blue, red and black slopes, so there is plenty of space for winter activities. Both families with children and seasoned skiers will find something for themselves here. Active visitors can benefit from excellent skiing facilities, and impressive tourists will be mesmerized by the enchanting panoramas of the Alps.

The ski slopes are groomed perfectly well, and everything looks smart and comfortable. The locals have taken care of every smallest detail. The lifts are numerous, so there are no queues. The slopes are wide, so beginners can take wider turns and ski downhill safely. There are separate slopes for kids, for families, and the daredevils, so these three audiences are never mixed. Those who suffer from adrenaline thirst will find a few black pistes which are challenging and difficult to cope with.

Spending a day in the local snow park is a great option for both youngsters and adults. Here you can practice freestyle and tobogganing, avoid obstacles and tame steep curves. In Bad Kleinkirchheim, you can also take your first lessons of skiing, since there are ski schools with professional consultants and coaches. In a few days, you will be fascinated by your skiing skills and will be able to show a few tricks both on the slopes and on the cross-country ski tracks.

Once you see the winter panorama of Bad Kleinkirchheim, your heart will beat faster. You are highly recommended to stop here for a few days, if you want to discover what skiing holidays can be.

Cable cars, hiking and mountain biking in Bad Kleinkirchheim
Whenever you choose to visit this marvelous place, Bad Kleinkirchheim offers an impressive scale of activities. In summer, hiking in Carinthia and mountain biking are among the most-loved pastimes in the Nockberge Mountains.

Just imagine the fresh crispy air filling your lungs as you ride or walk in the stunning mountainous panorama. Whether you take the scenic 15 km Flow Bike Trail or more challenging Nature Single Trails, you will surely get a one-of-a-kind alpine experience. Certified guides will accompany you on your way, helping you fully enjoy all the delights of mountain biking or hiking. Head-turning views, sprawling mountains and pristine landscapes – your hiking adventure out in Bad Kleinkirchheim mountains will give you plenty of aesthetic pleasure. And it does not matter whether you decide to spend your day rushing along a challenging biking trail or just gazing around leisurely as you walk unhurriedly along a scenic path.

Cable cars make it easy for you to reach the desired spot and admire the view in the process! Enjoy unforgettable moments in the Nockberge Mountains with the efficient cable car system. You can get to the starting point of the best biking and hiking routes, get to the marvelous summits, and explore the riches of Alpine nature. As you float smoothly over the spectacular mountain landscape, you feel safe and comfortable. Bad Kleinkirchheim has upgraded its cable car facilities, and they have been recognized as the “Best Austrian Summer Cable Car Facilities”.

There are numerous points on the way where you can stop for a meal and have a walk in the peaceful green pastures. Take your time and enjoy the treasures of the Carinthian nature on an amazing cable car ride. However, this is not a complete list of what you can do in Bad Kleinkirchheim – just keep reading!

The pleasures of thermal spa in Bad Kleinkirchheim
If you think that a mountain holiday better suits adrenaline junkies, and you are nothing else than a lazy couch potato, you will have to change your mind. Your vacation in the mountains of Bad Kleinkirchheim can become a truly relaxing escape.

This is all due to the unsurpassed thermal spa facilities. In fact, there is something special about spa procedures in the mountains – you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself, at the same time being refreshed and vigorous. No other pastime can be as healing for body and mind as thermal spa in the mountains. By all means, this is true alpine magic! Take your deserved break and dip your body into the balmy thermal waters, pamper yourself with an invigorating pine back massage or soothing full-body massage, or indulge in various beauty treatments. Bad Kleinkirchheim offers best-quality spa procedures for your wellbeing.

When you spend an active day in Bad Kleinkirchheim, you simply must reward yourself with a visit to the Römerbad Thermal facilities. Without any doubt, this is a perfect place to treat your soul, mind and body. Let yourself be enveloped in the enjoyable warmth of steam baths and the head-spinning scents of essential oils in luxury saunas.

Soak off in the soothing thermal waters or get a relaxing massage to relieve body tension after the challenges of the day. The facility also offers guests a wide range of culinary delights, including seasonal dishes and regional delicacies. Looking for healthy, low-calorie options? No problem! A big salad bar with a nice choice of vegetarian/vegan dishes is at your disposal. Spend an unforgettable day in the dreamy oasis of the Römerbad Thermal Spa – or maybe even a week? Time certainly stands still while you are enjoying yourself in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Unique mountain vacation site for families
Of course, holidays in the mountains are always refreshing and revitalizing. We have already mentioned a few advantages that Bad Kleinkirchheim has over other destinations such as the variety of family-friendly slopes and the snow park. We have outlined Bad Kleinkirchheim as one of Austria’s most acknowledged hiking regions and natural spa centers. Ladies will appreciate Spa St. Kathrein and the Thermal Römerbad wellness facilities, whereas men will praise the local sauna lavishly.

But if you come to Bad Kleinkirchheim with kids, do not overlook the opportunity of taking them to Lake Brennsee. This lake with deep green waters is a perfect set for relaxation and water activities. Who said the beach season is unimaginable in the Alps? Sailing, windsurfing, upright paddling, and kayaking are all accessible in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Another family-oriented destination is the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve. Located on the sunny side of the Alps, it has become a perfect site for guided walks and enjoying the stunning panoramic views. The local guides will tell you endless stories about the plants and the endemic animal world of the Alps. If you want more, be sure to spend some time in the Alpine Wildlife Park Feld am See. It has a children’s playground and a zoo with the themed exhibitions “Grizzly World” and “Africa Experience” amidst alpine meadows!

Bad Kleinkirchheim has a long list of other activities for kids. Here are just some of them: baking bread, riding ponies, fishing in the alpine rivers, and visiting a dairy farm. All of these activities promise a memorable and emotional day!

Book accommodation in Bad Kleinkirchheim and get your things packed!

Bad Kleinkirchheim being a busy tourist region, there are all kings of housing options in the area, to say nothing of spa and wellness centers, aromatic herbal saunas, Carinthian delicacy eateries, and the regional bazaars.
Hotels and inns, chalets and private households are all at your disposal. Each of the hosts or hotel owners will do their best to deliver the best service and impress you. You will be offered local specialties spiced with the innkeeper’s stories about the Alps, the woods, and the locals. From time to time, local venues arrange culinary nights with special menus for gourmets. Staying at a chalet or a mountain hut is a rare treat, for you will step in the footprints of many travelers who have been flooding the alpine region for centuries.

So, if you are planning to escape the hustle and bustle of your native city, come and spend your holidays in Austria’s pride and glory, Bad Kleinkirchheim. Indulge yourself and experience the very best of skiing or hiking. Bad Kleinkirchheim is for real connoisseurs of the art of resting and relaxing. Bad Kleinkirchheim is one of Austria’s most family-friendly resorts, which can take your vacation to a new level.

Skiing in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Bad Kleinkirchheim

General information

Min. altitude: 1100 m
Max. altitude: 2055 m


Nearest Airport: Klagenfurt, 50 km
Closest railway station: Spittal&Villach, 30 km
Direct bus from railway station
Direct shuttle from railway station

Details about ski resort

All ski slopes: 103 km
Longest slope: 4 km
Crosscountry slopes: 40 km

Artificial snow
Night skiing

Blue: 18 km
Red: 77 km
Black: 8 km


Cable car
Chair lift
Child carpet lift
Child lift
Children's park
Child slope
Drag lift