Type of Holiday

Cross-Country Ski Holidays

You rather experience the mountains in a slower fashion yet you enjoy challenging your body in endurance or simply loving skiing. Why not try cross-country skiing which will offer all of the above and more as you will be gliding through some amazing sceneries in wonderful alpine countryside. Almost every single resort up there in the mountain - be it in France, Slovenia, Italy, Austria or Switzerland - offers cross skiing. Simply browse through our comprehensive list of ski resorts to find all the info and book your cross country skiing holidays now.


Min. altitude: 1100m | Max. altitude: 2292mSki slopes (km): 30km


Min. altitude: 827m | Max. altitude: 2000mSki slopes (km): 111km

Kranjska Gora

Min. altitude: 810m | Max. altitude: 1280mSki slopes (km): 20km


Min. altitude: 1816m | Max. altitude: 2900mSki slopes (km): 115km


Min. altitude: 1860m | Max. altitude: 2700mSki slopes (km): 84km

Puy Saint Vincent

Min. altitude: 1400m | Max. altitude: 2750mSki slopes (km): 75km

Rogla Ski Opening

Min. altitude: 1050m | Max. altitude: 1517mSki slopes (km): 12km

Serre Chevalier

Min. altitude: 1350m | Max. altitude: 2830mSki slopes (km): 250km


Min. altitude: 569m | Max. altitude: 1795mSki slopes (km): 22km

Chamonix Mont Blanc

Min. altitude: 1035m | Max. altitude: 3842mSki slopes (km): 152km


Min. altitude: 800m | Max. altitude: 2000mSki slopes (km): 170km

La Plagne

Min. altitude: 1250m | Max. altitude: 3250mSki slopes (km): 225km

Madonna di Campiglio

Min. altitude: 850m | Max. altitude: 2504mSki slopes (km): 150km


Min. altitude: 1050m | Max. altitude: 1517mSki slopes (km): 12km

Val Cenis

Min. altitude: 1300m | Max. altitude: 2800mSki slopes (km): 125km