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Ski Resorts in Slovenia

Have you ever considered taking your next ski Holiday in Slovenia? Let me share with you few details that might convince you to take the plunge.
Did you know that Krvavec ski resort is the closest ski resort in the Alps to London? It is only 1h45 minutes flight to Ljubljana Airport and then a 15 min cab ride to the gondola.
Did you know that most of the people speak fluent English? Since Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in the EU, everyone speaks at least 2 foreign languages and one of them is of course English.
Did you know that a pint costs 3€ or less? Slovenia is well known for its local bier.
Slovene Ski Resorts are considered one of the cheaper options for ski holidays in Europe. It may offer smaller ski areas compared to other Alpine resorts, but they can't be beaten for their family focus and great quality service. Highly recommended for a family skiing trip or a weekend getaway.



Min. altitude: 569m | Max. altitude: 1795mSki slopes (km): 22km


Min. altitude: 900m | Max. altitude: 1287mSki slopes (km): 12km


Min. altitude: 1450m | Max. altitude: 1971mSki slopes (km): 25km


Min. altitude: 1050m | Max. altitude: 1517mSki slopes (km): 12km