Ski holidays in Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf – A Taste of German Ski Holidays! German ski vacations are fast becoming one of Europe’s top destinations for skiing and snowboarding. Those wanting to push the skiing envelope should not overlook Oberstdorf. A big resort hiding in Bavaria’s southern charm, Oberstdorf gives couples and families a place to escape on a ski vacation. The slope break down is fair and the altitude befits all levels of skiers. Oberstdorf has 44 km of downhill pistes and another 85 km for cross-country addicts and 26 ski lifts to take 30000 of them out and about each hour. Beginners get 10 km of slopes with 14 total pistes; reds get almost three times with 30 km and 21 individual pistes; black level skiers, however, are left with the remaining 4 km and 3 total runs. Oberstdorf considers the couples and families with kids deserving of several runs to choose from. The Oberstdorf resort lies at just over 820 meters, with the lowest piste trailing by just 10 meters above that. The highest ski lift takes intermediate skiers to a maximum height of 2220 meters and a max elevation loss of over 1400 meters. Snowboarders are not shunned away in Germany or in Oberstdorf for that matter—a 650 meter ski cross, half pipe, trails, free style and all the usual fair await snowboarders. Oberstdorf, moreover, is one of those places that visitors can do about anything active they can think of outdoors. There is always some sort of festival, ski championship or ski jump competition take place in Oberstdorf, so plan a skiing vacation here well in advance.
Oberstdorf Accommodation: Wood built chalets and hotels with spas and massages to apartments for large groups and lodges with personality, Oberstdorf has pretty much any kind of accommodation visitors can thing of. Two- to five-star hotels offer basic to all-inclusive packages with some decent prices when booked early or during a lull in the season.

Skiing in Oberstdorf

General information

Min. altitude: 828 m
Max. altitude: 2224 m


Direct bus from railway station
Direct shuttle from railway station

Details about ski resort

All ski slopes: 45 km
Crosscountry slopes: 76 km

Artificial snow
Night skiing

Blue: 11 km
Red: 32 km
Black: 2 km


Cable car
Chair lift
Child carpet lift
Child lift
Children's park
Child slope
Drag lift