Thermal Baths Zreče

Zreče evolved in the embrace of the forested mighty peaks and mountain passes of Pohorje, on the spot where the river Dravinja enters Zgornja Dravinjska dolina (upper Dravinja valley) calms down and connects this world with the Dravinja vineyard hills.

In the final international event Entente Florale 2003 Zreče won silver for the most beautifully ordered village. Once a village of blacksmiths, charcoal diggers and woodcutters, today it is a town with modern industry and fast developing tourism, whose character comes from Terme Zreče and Rogla, the climatological health resort, and Olympic ski centre.

Nature walks, cycling, rich cultural heritage, peace, relaxation, tasty and healthy food assure every traveler’s pleasure.
The remains of the old blacksmith trade - Oslakova kovacija (Oslak forge), Pavlakova jama (Pavlak cave), St. Lamberta church, Skomarska hisa (Skomarje house), walks on Brinjeva gora, The Zreče tourist information office will gladly give you additional information.
Once upon a time Matjaz Kocbek wrote: "The thermal springs restore and invigorate the traveller, while visits to the cultural monuments and events listed above enrich people's inner worlds".

Apres Ski & Nightlife

An added bonus for Zreče is the proximity of the Terme Zreče Thermal Spa, which offers the best of health resort services. Terme Zreče is renowned for its rich and unique culinary offer, as its Chefs know how to prepare great culinary masterpieces, which are enriched with excellent wines according to the recommendation of our Sommeliers. In addition, the hotel kitchen has its own herbal garden and the National Restaurant has been especially noted for its delicious local cuisine.

Skiing in Zreče


General information

Min. altitude: 1050 m
Max. altitude: 1517 m


Nearest Airport: Letališèe Jožeta Puènika Ljubljana, 100 km
Closest railway station: Celje, 30 km
Direct bus from railway station
Direct shuttle from railway station

Details about ski resort

All ski slopes: 12 km
Crosscountry slopes: 18 km

Artificial snow
Night skiing

Blue: 2 km


Cable car
Chair lift
Child carpet lift
Child lift
Children's park
Child slope
Drag lift