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Ski Resorts in Italy

Ski Holidays in Italy or La Dolce Vita… we always dream that our holidays should be relaxed, with great food and wine, where our family would be safe and we can simply absorb the atmosphere. If this appeals to you, then skiing in Italy is a must. From the massive Dolomites Ski Area to smaller cheaper ski resorts, in Italy you will always find warm hospitality, lots of snow and authentic charming family run accommodation to make an unforgettable holiday experience.
Imagine eating your bruschetta on the top of the mountain with the sunset view down to the valley, or enjoying a Bombardino with cream or Vin Chaud.
There's a great choice of airlines flying to Turin, Milan, Verona, Venice or Trieste, so you should have no problem finding reasonably priced connections.

3 Cime 3 Zinnen

Min. altitude: 1173m | Max. altitude: 1700mSki slopes (km): 53km

Alpe Cimbra - Lavarone

Min. altitude: 1150m | Max. altitude: 1650mSki slopes (km): 30km

Alta Badia

Min. altitude: 1152m | Max. altitude: 2778mSki slopes (km): 130km


Min. altitude: 1160m | Max. altitude: 2300mSki slopes (km): 50km


Min. altitude: 1225m | Max. altitude: 3012mSki slopes (km): 78km


Min. altitude: 1524m | Max. altitude: 3480mSki slopes (km): 146km


Min. altitude: 1000m | Max. altitude: 2200mSki slopes (km): 80km

Cortina d'Ampezzo

Min. altitude: 1224m | Max. altitude: 2930mSki slopes (km): 115km

Forni di Sopra

Min. altitude: 880m | Max. altitude: 2065mSki slopes (km): 17km

La Thuile

Min. altitude: 1200m | Max. altitude: 2641mSki slopes (km): 160km


Min. altitude: 1816m | Max. altitude: 2900mSki slopes (km): 115km

Madonna di Campiglio

Min. altitude: 850m | Max. altitude: 2504mSki slopes (km): 150km

Monte Bondone

Min. altitude: 1184m | Max. altitude: 2098mSki slopes (km): 21km


Min. altitude: 1135m | Max. altitude: 1491mSki slopes (km): 21km

Pila Aosta

Min. altitude: 1800m | Max. altitude: 2709mSki slopes (km): 70km


Min. altitude: 1900m | Max. altitude: 3250mSki slopes (km): 40km


Min. altitude: 1570m | Max. altitude: 2550mSki slopes (km): 10km

Val Gardena

Min. altitude: 1240m | Max. altitude: 2450mSki slopes (km): 175km

Val di Fassa

Min. altitude: 1200m | Max. altitude: 2950mSki slopes (km): 120km

Alpe Cimbra - Folgaria

Min. altitude: 1200m | Max. altitude: 2050mSki slopes (km): 60km

Arabba Marmolada

Min. altitude: 1100m | Max. altitude: 3342mSki slopes (km): 62km


Min. altitude: 1208m | Max. altitude: 3462mSki slopes (km): 36km

Jochtal Skikarussell

Min. altitude: 1350m | Max. altitude: 2100mSki slopes (km): 22km


Min. altitude: 935m | Max. altitude: 2275mSki slopes (km): 105km


Min. altitude: 1327m | Max. altitude: 3000mSki slopes (km): 37km

Passo Stelvio

Min. altitude: 2760m | Max. altitude: 3400mSki slopes (km): 25km


Min. altitude: 800m | Max. altitude: 2100mSki slopes (km): 26km

San Vito Di Cadore

Min. altitude: 1400m | Max. altitude: 1600mSki slopes (km): 14km

Seiser Alm

Min. altitude: 1000m | Max. altitude: 2250mSki slopes (km): 58km


Min. altitude: 1840m | Max. altitude: 2840mSki slopes (km): 400km


Min. altitude: 750m | Max. altitude: 1760mSki slopes (km): 32km