Thermal Baths Šmarješke toplice

The central point of this area is the health resort hotel complex which is enveloped by a vast health resort park laid-out for your enjoyment and through which leads a botanical path. The place is surrounded by green hills thus distinguishing it from being an urban centre. Peace and a beneficial climate supplement the healing effects of the thermal waters, which are hypoacratothermal, with a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and enriched with carbon dioxide, magnesium and calcium. The health resort is orientated towards the healing of cardio-vascular diseases.

This modern health resort in the shelter of green forests is known primarily for its Vitarium Spa&Clinique Centre, offering a wide range of modern and effective medical wellness programms and services (slimming programmes, detoxification programmes) and pampering. Relaxation programmes help preserve balance, vitality, health and creativity at all stages of life.

Šmarješke toplice

General information

Min. altitude: 165 m
Max. altitude: 194 m


Direct bus from railway station
Direct shuttle from railway station