Thermal Baths Radenci

Radenci lies in north-eastern Slovenia, in a region of thermal and mineral springs and vineyards. The oldest recorded mention of Radenci dates from 1436, when it appears as Radein. It became famous as a health resort in 1833, when Karel Henn discovered an exploitable mineral water spring here. In 1869 Dr Henn tapped the first spring. That year, which saw 37,000 clay bottles filled with water from the spring, is considered to mark the start of exploitation of Radenci's mineral water. Farmers with carts distributed the water around the area and it was even sent to the Pope and the Emperor. The mineral water and health resort were soon famous throughout the world. Many visitors are attracted here by the favourable climate and the medicinal water with the "three hearts" label.

Radenska, the water of Radenci, is recognised everywhere by its three hearts symbol. The heart
is also at the centre of the work of the modern spa complex that offers guests medical and preventive programmes for the effective treatment of cardiovascular disease and also kidney and urinary tract diseases, rheumatic diseases, disturbances of the locomotor system and metabolic disorders.


General information

Min. altitude: 185 m
Max. altitude: 202 m


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