Thermal Baths Otočec

Otočec, which is famous for its romantic castle on a small island in the middle of the Krka river, also offers many other things to visitors. Numerous sports facilities are available; the Castle Park and nearby forests offer plenty of possibilities for walks and slightly longer tours, certainly one should not overlook the Krka river, where you can spend your free time boating, fishing or relaxing to the sound of water gently pouring through the dams. If you are a lover of golf or want to become one, in the immediate vicinity of Otočec castle there is a golf driving range

Experienced and highly trained experts provide a wide range of programmes for relaxation, pampering and strengthening health. With both preventive and curative programmes, which are carried out in the Medical Rehabilitation Centre, the modern medical equipment of the health resort is also important. The beneficial effects of the thermal water are proven, while the beautiful
Dolenjska countryside contributes to feelings of wellbeing.


General information

Min. altitude: 155 m
Max. altitude: 175 m


Direct bus from railway station
Direct shuttle from railway station