Ski holidays in Les Angles

The Angles – This is a ski planet in the middle of Capcir where the snow feeds the land, waters it, changes its surface, hides it under a cold and immaculate cover.

At this altitude, the humidity, crystallized by the cold, is like glitter. This is when breathing alone becomes an emotion.
And in the Mediterranean blue sky, the winter sun shines so bright that it blinds the eye.
This is a planet of snow in a very sunny system.

The catalan expression for this is "Sol i Neu," and it sounds like a gift…

Skiing in Les Angles

General information

Min. altitude: 1600 m
Max. altitude: 2400 m


Nearest Airport: Perpignan-Rivesaltes, 95 km
Direct bus from railway station
Direct shuttle from railway station

Details about ski resort

All ski slopes: 50 km

Artificial snow
Night skiing

Blue: 23 km
Red: 18 km
Black: 2 km


Cable car
Chair lift
Child carpet lift
Child lift
Children's park
Child slope
Drag lift